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Where it all started...

Punch & Judy was first started by Professor James Gordon professionally in 2002.

Punch was first seen by Samuel Pepys in May of 1662 at Covent Garden in London. He noted in his famous diary that he enjoyed the Italian performer (the country in which punch originated).

Since then Punch has been entertaining generations and children and adults alike, firstly in the market place in towns and then in the Victorian era when the railways were built and townsfolk started to go to the seaside for holidays and day trips Mr Punch thought it would be a good idea to go as well. Punch has been associated with seaside ever since.

Where can Punch and Judy be performed?

To date Professor James Gordon has probably performed over a 1000 performances (although he has lost count!) Places of performances include:

  • Childrens' parties
  • Holiday camps
  • Hotels
  • Local fetes
  • Steam fairsProfessor James Gordon is a full member of the Punch and Judy Fellowship.

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