Punch and Judy Shows Covering Somerset | Devon | Cornwall


 Telephone: 01278 783561; Mobile: 07970 142 249 email: profjamesgordon@gmail.com 

Are you having a children's party and are looking for an entertainer?

Professor James Gordon provides the best in children's entertainment for children's parties to make the special event fun, magical and memorable for all the guests!

Professor James Gordon has had a fascination with Punch and Judy and puppetry in general since he was a child.

The Professor performs a traditional puppet show with all the usual characters including the policeman, baby and crocodile.

My show will last about one hour and includes a magic show where children become involved!

Prices to suit most budgets

Lots of fun and laughter Guaranteed.

What can you expect from Professor James Gordon and Punch & Judy?

  • Traditional punch and judy with a touch of magic
  • Prices to suit most budgets
  • Opportunity for children to become involved in the magic show
  • Lots of fun and laughter
  • Professor James Gordon performs mainly in the county of Somerset although he travels quite regularly to Devon, Cornwall and Wiltshire to perform.

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